Doctors Practice for Occupational Health Physicians

Healthy employees are more productive and motivated. They contribute significantly to the success of a company. With our basic occupational health care, you will be able to identify health risks to your employees at an early stage. The efficiency of your employees is maintained and operational processes run smoothly. At the same time, we support entrepreneurs in fully complying with the legislative requirements.

Get an overview

We carry out the following activities as part of the basic support for you.

  • Advice on work design, occupational safety and health promotion
  • Regular inspections of the workplaces including inspection protocol
  • Investigation and advice of your employees
  • Instruction of employees on issues relating to occupational safety and health protection
  • Participation in the ASA meetings
  • Support in the creation of technical and organizational guidelines such as vocational integration (BEM), maternity leave or accident prevention
  • Participation in the organization of first aid

Risk assessment - step by step to safe working conditions

Our company doctors and occupational safety specialists support you in the preparation, control and further development of your company risk assessment. This also includes the risk assessment of mental stress and the risk assessment for expectant mothers, which is required by the Occupational Safety and Health Act (ArbSchG), Mutterschutzgesetz (MuSchG) and the DGUV regulations..

Blood Tests

The most complete blood test ever in Germany with high accuracy.

First Aid

First aid courses for first aid responders.


Complete and guaranteed authenticity vaccine services.

Eye Vision

Implementation of work security, health and safety.

Job Interview Health Screenings

Medical examinations conducted by doctors specifically for the workforce.

Occupational Hazards

Implementation of work security, health and safety.

Check-up examination - healthy & vital at work

Provision, security and appreciation for your top performers

Not only the executives in the company are concerned with extensive and increasingly complex issues every day. Modern work environments are diverse, rapidly changing and require agility and a high level of concentration from all colleagues. These loads and stresses can lead to physical complaints and, unfortunately, more and more often to burn-out. In order to recognize potential health hazards at an early stage and to prevent serious diseases, there is our tailor-made preventive program for maintaining the health and performance of your employees.

In connection with the knowledge of the environmental conditions of the workplaces and the performance conditions of your employees, we can also derive general recommendations from the results for a better and healthier organization of work in your company.

Occupational safety

As a company that protects its employees, you benefit from less downtime. Intact devices and safe working conditions support smooth workflows. Our in-house specialists for occupational safety support you as an entrepreneur in complying with current legislation and creating ideal working conditions in your company.

Safety at work briefly explained

Occupational safety forms the second pillar of basic operational support. Your employees should be exposed to as little work-related dangers and stresses as possible. Our in-house specialists for occupational safety support you as an employer with the aim of making your workplace as safe as possible.

This is what the legislator demands

Section 5 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (ASiG) obliges all employers to design the conditions at the workplace in such a way that the safety of employees is guaranteed. Depending on the type of company, the employer must call in external occupational safety specialists. These experts support companies in properly implementing applicable regulations.

Basic safety support - our services at a glance

Our experts are safety engineers and occupational safety specialists. Your focus is technical occupational safety. This includes the following activities:

  • Advice and evaluation of working conditions from a technical and organizational point of view in the risk assessment
  • Inspection of the company to identify possible dangers (§10 ASiG)
  • Participation in the occupational safety committee meetings (ASA meetings)
  • Instruction of employees on all questions of technical and organizational occupational safety in the company
  • Our occupational safety specialists can carry out these follow-up instructions for your employees:
  • + on hazardous substances and corresponding protective measures
  • + on hazards in the workplace
  • + on what to do in the event of an accident or fire

Work psychology

Healthy and satisfied employees are more resilient and more productive. They are crucial for your successful company. Stressful working conditions have a long-term negative effect on the satisfaction, performance and motivation of your employees. They damage the working atmosphere and can have negative health consequences. When you care about the mental health of your employees, you are investing in the future of their company. A win for employees and employers.

Industrial psychology briefly explained

The industrial psychology deals with the psychological analysis, evaluation and design of work activities. As part of this, the effects and consequences of work are examined in particular. The focus of work psychology is on topics such as employee satisfaction, motivation, performance and stress.

This is what the legislator demands

Since 2013, the risk assessment of psychological stress factors has been explicitly mandatory for every company in Germany under occupational health and safety law. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Act (ArbSchG) Section 5, the extent of the psychological stress must also be recorded in the course of the risk assessment.

Work psychology - an overview of our services

As a needs analysis, the psychological risk assessment forms the solid basis for deriving meaningful and promising occupational psychological measures, both in the context of health prevention and for organizational development. We support you in carrying out your psychological risk assessment during the entire process.

An overview of other individual services and measures

Whether as part of a psychological risk assessment or separately as an individual service, together with our cooperation partners we offer you a broad portfolio of work psychological services in the following areas:

  • Training courses and workshops
  • Executive coaching
  • Organizational development
  • Corporate Health Management
  • Evaluation and effectiveness control
  • Employee Assistance Program

We would also be happy to work with you to develop your individual needs for specific individual services.


Like many of our customers, we use the current possibilities of digitization. Therefore, we offer a part of our services also digita l to. Your employees can receive advice on vaccinations, travel medicine or preventive examinations from us via video chat or by telephone.

Telemedicine as part of our basic occupational health care

Our professional medical staff is there for you quickly and easily thanks to our video consultation. Your hours of care are used optimally, as neither your employees nor our doctors have to travel to the consultation. The participation of specialists for occupational medicine and occupational safety in the ASA meetings (occupational safety committee meetings) can also take place digitally. Digital solutions are particularly useful for occupational psychology services. Our industrial psychologists explain to your employees how to prevent mental illnesses and how to maintain their own mental health.

In addition to the care in our practices and on site at the company, you can use the option of online consultation after consulting your company doctor. All topics that employees or managers would like to clarify can be discussed under medical confidentiality.

Common topics are:

  • Travel medical questions and vaccination advice
  • Desired provisions and / or problems in the workplace with health relevance
  • Questions about corporate integration management (BEM)
  • Questions about maternity leave

Thanks to the telemedical advice, your occupational medical care can be individually designed and your employees can specify questions in advance. This increases the efficiency of the advice.

Telemedicine: Digital therapeutic support for your employees

As part of our work psychological support, we offer your employees support with mental illnesses and their prevention. These offers are also part of our telemedical range of services.