About us

In 2020, Aino Betriebsmedizin GmbH was founded in Berlin. Our vision is to provide our customers throughout Germany with modern, flexible and transparent occupational medicine and safety from a single source, thus making a sustainable contribution to the health and safety of all employees.

Modern, Flexible, Transparent

In addition to our services, we offer all customers the best possible individual support through personal contacts and strategic cooperation. This enables us to assess and serve your requirements quickly and comprehensively.

We have mastered the classic approaches of occupational medicine and occupational safety and combine these with the modern possibilities of digitization. In this way, we can assist you in all matters of occupational medicine and occupational safety and support you effectively in the legally secure implementation of all requirements. Occupational medical consultations for your employees can, for example, take place digitally. Arrival and departure times are minimized and the availability of the occupational physician is maximized through our video solution.

Healthy employees - strong companies

The psychological strain on our customers' employees is growing continuously in an ever faster modern work environment. The employers' understanding of the risks and clinical pictures of mental illnesses must increase accordingly. Only in this way can effective contraception and targeted prevention take place.

We have accordingly been offering targeted advice on personnel and organizational development based on individual risk assessments. Accompanied by appropriate training courses, these are effective tools to prevent physical and mental illnesses.